Why BES?

Why should you join BES for your better education plan and future? Why do we think BES is the best option for any student? Why does everyone believe that BES is the best education hub in Nepal?

Budhanilkantha Education Services (BES) is best at what it does simply because of the unparalleled enthusiasm and motivation among its founding members and staff to direct its clients (who are indeed the part of BES family) towards the right path.

Here are a few bullet points we want to tell you for why you should choose us:

Homely and Friendly

BES is not just a profit-motive company, it’s a service-motive homely and friendly place for students to study, discuss, challenge themselves and reconstruct their thoughts and passion along the way.

No Confinement to boundaries

BES knows the present generation’s needs. So, we never confine you to a set of boundaries. We want you to explore and question things you like and dislike. We closely direct you throughout your exploration, regardless of the field – whether it be educational, career-related, passion-related or anything else. BES will always stand with you by your side.

Expertise and experience

BES offers its services facilitated by the best people available in the market. We know our field because we have gone through each and every process or phase we offer. So, we guarantee the best possible advice and suggestions available in the market.


Operating from two locations now – Baluwatar (head office) and New Baneshwor (first branch) – BES is becoming more and more accessible to its students and well-wishers.


One important thing we abide ourselves by is TRANSPARENCY. However you want to get associated with us, we will provide you full, credible and reliable information. Unlike many, we will never put you in the shadow on what and how we are able to work for you.

Ample and advanced facility

If you have ever visited BES, you know we have the best learning spaces, advanced facilities and comfortable environment. Even when you are bored, just come over and relax. BES will always make you feel homely.

Past record

Of course, the past record is an important part of determining an institution’s credibility. We don’t want to assert that we are the best. Visit our Facebook page and see our reviews. Or, go to our testimonials and see what people have to say about us. BES’ records never disappoint you.

Initiation and Motivation

BES, not just a business, is a motivator and initiator. We do a lot of free trainings for students regarding career choosing, application advising, personal essay writing, common app advising and so on. BES also works with various schools to promote a sense of leadership and entrepreneurship – highly lacking ingredients in Nepalese youths today.

If you want to know more about why you should join us, come and visit us. You’re always welcome!

Range of Services – most reliable in Kathmandu

BES has never restricted itself to a specific type of service because it simply doesn’t make sense to expect students to go out there and find things for themselves without directing them even a little bit. Hence, BES provides a wide range of qualitative and quantitative services to its family: nominal tuitions for A-Levels, IB, +2, etc.; test preparation classes; free career and college counseling; study abroad opportunities in colleges or cities you want; free courses for entrepreneurship and leadership.

Believe us, BES will never leave your hand when you need it the most. We will get you through your high school and help you to choose what to do thereafter. BES’ immense support always stands beside you, whether you choose to study in Nepal itself or outside Nepal. The choices and decisions are yours, but with our support, you’ll never regret anything. We GUARANTEE!

Youth Empowerment

BES prides itself in being the only company in Nepal which fully consists of employees who are fairly young, struggling and trying it make it to the other side of professionalism. We have the best tuition teachers who are always willing to help you with whatever you are struggling at. We have motivated administrative staff, attending to your needs while in the hub or outside the hub.

More so, as mentioned, BES is a youth run educational institution, targeting to empower young people while working hard towards the common goal of community development and contributing the struggling Nepalese economy.

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