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Study Abroad is a popular choice among today’s youths. More importantly, many of the high schoolers today see their further education taking place in either the US or Australia. Taking advantage of student’s inclination towards study abroad, it’s no surprise that many firms exist to  financially rip the students off in the name of sending them to abroad nations. However, study abroad should never be so sophisticated or financially compelling. And, BES knows and guarantees it by huge experiences. So, BES presents you all an opportunity to pursue your dream in the abroad nations without going through complicated processes and, more importantly, getting ripped off.

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Why go for a mediocre college while you can attain much better?

Why go for a mediocre college while you can attain much better? Why go against your passion because of what the money-minded counselors might say? Why go to an ill-treating agent while you have a credible and reliable family right by your neighborhood? Yes. BES is the answer which will solve all your problems or the possible difficulties of studying abroad you might have heard.

Study abroad is your right. And, it should not come with immense financial and emotional burden. It should be an easy process of finding your passion, reaching out to the better education system in abroad nations, making worth of the money you will spend on education, and reconstructing yourselves while doing all that. To get all this, you have the one and the best choice: BES. Join us and create the utopian education plan you have always been dreaming of.

BES, often tagged as the best education hub, is a home for students who are planning to go to the US and Australia. Come, meet and greet your fellow contemporaries and know more about studying in the US and Australia.

What we do for you

Free Counseling

Free Processing

Free Availability of college/university brochures

Identifying student’s needs

Determining the best abroad nation for the individual

Identification of the best fitting colleges/universities

Mailing out applications

Assurance of an Offer Letter

Financial aid available

Assistance in all kinds of documentation

Visa Application Assistance

5-7 mock visa interviews

Error-free applications

Assistance with travel

Accommodation management in the destination country

Pre-departure orientation

Post-departure follow ups

Solution to unforeseen problems while abroad

Assistance in filling out applications

Help with financial documentation

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