Message from our CEO

                 DIPIN BISHWOKARMA

School: Budhanilkantha School

High School: Sussex Coast College Hastings, UK

University: Duke University

Why do people love BES: Youth Engagement

Hey fam,

I’m going to make this very informal

After schooling, I studied components of both International Baccalaureate (IB) and A-Levels. Soon, I went to study in the US as an international student. At first, it was hard for me to find a subject where I wanted to lead my career. What was I passionate about? What was I looking to do with my life? How could I contribute best to my society? I had zero answers to these questions. But, the answers seemed to unravel themselves slowly.

I’m telling you these personal experiences to let you know that I also went through the same phases you might be in right now. If you are still a high schooler, you might be struggling with your A-Levels, IB or +2. Or you just might simply be finding it hard to cope up with the change in institutional system when you moved from normal Nepali schooling to A-Levels or IB. Likewise, if you’re a high school graduate, you must be stressed about what to do next. Should you study in Nepal? Should you go abroad? If opting for abroad education, where should you go? Let me answer these for you very briefly.

First, talking about the stressful high school, it’s very normal and reasonable for you to feel that. I will not lie; I sincerely felt everything you feel too. More so, my team at Budhanilkantha Education Services (BES) did too. That’s why, we will always welcome you to our family and help you get through the tough times. BES will indeed support you to cooperate with your institutional system, motivate you to work harder and smarter, encourage you to think out of the box and inspire you to achieve something that you once thought was impossible.

Secondly, regarding the further studies plan where most students get completely stuck, let me assure you it doesn’t matter what you opt for – abroad studies or undergraduate in Nepal itself – unless you decide it with proper guidance, counseling and direction. BES and I have always been the proponents of youth empowerment in our country. Hence, we will walk hand in hand with you if you are looking for educational opportunities in Nepal. While saying that, I also want to stress that BES is a promoter of further studies in abroad nations. Why not choose another nation if it has a better education system than ours? Why not go to other nations where you can learn more and bring the knowledge back to Nepal? I, along with my team, will always hold your back if you choose abroad studies.

Here, we talked a lot about further studies and BES supporting you with that quest. However, let me also accentuate that while BES believes in better education system in the western worlds, we do not encourage the thought of permanent residency in those countries. BES believes that Nepalese youths have the right to educate and challenge themselves in a different world. On the same note, we also believe that Nepalese youths have the utmost obligation – not just a responsibility – to give back to the Nepalese society. Believe me, no one will build Nepal for us if we don’t.

Lastly, I want to end by requesting you to visit BES, talk to us, help us share our values with you, your friends – and, Nepalese youths as a whole.


Dipin Bishwakarma

CEO, Budhanilkantha Education Services (BES)

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