A small introduction

About Us

BES is an enthusiastic initiation of a group of youths who were fortunate enough to get into Budhanilkantha School about a decade ago.

Let us introduce ourselves

About the Institute

BES is an enthusiastic initiation of a group of youths who were fortunate enough to get into Budhanilkantha School about a decade ago. Now, all of us members are pursuing our undergraduate degrees in and outside Nepal. Realizing our country’s increasing quality education crisis, we thought of doing something carrying the ethos of what we learned during years of stay at Budhanilkantha School and contribute back to our nation.

So, here we are today standing up against the institutions, that rip off the students, providing the promising manpower of this economy a quality education and top-notch placements all around the world – while strongly encouraging everyone to contribute their part to building Nepal after the completion of their education.

How it all came to be…


Run by dynamic youths who aspire to thrive in their own country, some of us returned from the abroad nations to pursue this mission. BES runs with the aim of providing the best education services available in Nepal. And, we have always intended to do that with a very personalized and unique approach in our services. BES believes in each student’s ability to achieve higher and their capability to choose a path of their own.

However, we are also aware that most students find it hard, and sometimes hesitate, to explore their needs and work accordingly. That’s why, BES exists as a comfortable, friendly and equally supportive education hub. We are proud that BES is the first of its kind and undoubtedly the best. No wonder if BES is tagged as the best education hub in Kathmandu.


• To facilitate diversified educational services to students for career opportunities both nationally and internationally.
• To provide foundation that will enable our students to become individuals who will become life-long learners and problem solvers .
• To prepare students for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence.
• To create challenging learning environment that encourages individual difference and learning styles.
• To empower students with simple yet different learning for recognition of their full potential.
• To provide immediate employment opportunities to the recent college graduates in various fields, challenge them and help grow professionally.
• To empower today’s youths by fostering entrepreneurship, leadership, public speaking and different levels of political involvement.
• To encourage and motivate the present generation to give back to the society – whether it be by staying in Nepal or by returning from abroad after education completion.

our achievements

• Claimed to be the BEST EDUCATION HUB in Kathmandu Valley.
• Most trusted and reliable education institution, as recognized by the former students’ testimonials.
• Trusted by all colleges in Kathmandu for career counselling and youth empowerment events.
• Top supplier of intermediate A-Level teachers to different colleges in the valley.
• Most of all, BES prides itself to have been the most friendly environment for students’ educational needs. They aren’t just our clients, they’re our friends. And, BES treats them like family.

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